A light of hope in a “weight centered” photographic era ruled by social media.

My name is Davide (many of you might know me as defuntis) and I create memories for a living. This is the home page of my brand new website. I wanted to create something different, a fresh and original showcase for my work on the web. In a week or so this text area will be filled with the latest news but for now: welcome and enjoy!




A fresh new look on the world of both vintage and future cars, minding their surroundings and never forgetting about details. Through this genre my language and style are elevated and taken to a new level of minimal, suitable for any kind of publishing.

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I have started my professional carreer with portraiture. I always felt like I wanted to know more about people to have a better understanding of humankind. From private clients to editorials my goal is to rappresent the soul behind the mask that life sometimes has forced us to wear.

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My experience and my style are used to bring the best out of each and every commissioned work. From fashion to product, I focus on the outcome trying to write a story for my customer using my own photographic language, leaving my client with a 100% satisfaction.

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Discover more about old and new personal projects. Access unreleased backstage material. Read the stories behind the photographs and join the conversation.

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