Subsonica "Bottiglie Rotte"

Most people know me as a photographer, but few people know that I shoot videos.

After more then 3 years of photography studies I wanted to learn more about cinematography, so I started doing my own studies and researches but, as we all are very aware, it surely was not enough, so 10 years ago I followed a very good workshop on direction of photography. The result was that I fell in love with the art of making films but I also felt that was not my time to be a director or a D.O.P. yet. So few years went by, I kept on doing my researches until a very talented artist and a very good friend of mine, requested my help. That genius was Donato Sansone. Donato is one of the most important "old school" animator in the world, winner of the most important awards in animation design around the world and one of the few Italian artist nominated as one of the five finalist at the Cesar Price in Paris. That happened in 2014, since then me and Donato worked on various projects together, mostly musical video clips and other funny side projects, nothing big, nothing special.

Until 2018, when the famous Italian band Subsonica called Donato to direct not one, but 2 of their new videoclip for their upcoming new album: 8. He wanted me in both projects from the beginning, so that we could mix our vision and technical skills as much as possibile to be able to bring to life the idea that he had in mind. I love Donny and to be able to work beside such talent it's a blessing, I will be forever grateful. In this first video my role was the director of photography, the video was fully shot in chroma key, giving the ability to the director to manipulate and composite the band members in different scenarios.

Backstage video

Backstage photos

To shoot all the clips we took 3 days, 2 for the band and 1 for the location. But Donato worked on frame by frame compositing for a month. Behind this 3 minute musical video clip there's a month and a half of team work, from pre production to the final release.

Final videoclip

Hope you like it!


Be humble,

Love and respect,